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Original Mahjong Games

American Mahjong

Play against three US politicians: Hillary, Obama, and Bush.

Energy Mahjong

Closely related to traditional Mahjong. The goal is to find and remove 3 tiles with identical images. In addition you can collect all identical one...

Genuine Beijing Mahjong

Create combinations of tiles by matching identical ones or by arranging the tiles in numerical order to beat the opponent. Before the game starts y...

Hongkong Mahjong

Game with very good design, in-game tutorial with full explanation on how to play Mahjong, and challenging AI players taunting you all the way thro...

Hubbo Mahjong Hong Kong

The goal in Hubbo Mahjong Hong Kong is to create various combinations of tiles in order to beat the opponents. If you don't know how to play, the r...

Japanese Mahjong

Known as Riichi, based on the Chinese game of Mahjong. Very addictive game played by four people that requires skills and luck to play. The differe...

Kung Fu Classic Mahjong

Test your skills against Miss Parrot, Mr. Chimpanzee (actually a gorilla), and Mr. Dog. If you don't know how to play, the rules can be found in th...

Mah Jong 2

Mah Jong 2 challenge you to play against three beautiful girls - Victoria, Cindy and Kristina.

Mah Jong Beauty

In Mah Jong Beauty you'll get to play against three beautiful ladies, Lady Hong, Lady Rainbow, and Lady Gaga.

Wordjong Freestyle

Wordjong Freestyle is a mix between the original version and word game. Follow the in-game tutorial for more details.

Zip Bear Town Mahjong

Zip Bear Town Mahjong is a simplified version. The goal is to at least create a meld of 3 identical tiles known as Pong or Pung. In addition you ca...

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