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Mahjong is a popular game that began in China, is normally played by four players (with around three-player varieties found in Japan and Korea). The game and its provincial variants are broadly played all around South Eastern and Eastern Asia, but it has little following and curiosity in Western nations. Like the Western card game known as Rummy, Mahjong is a popular game of calculation, strategy and skill and includes a level of chance.

Shanghai Solitaire Games

HTML5 Mahjong by Justas

HTML5 Mahjong game developed by with very pleasant design and 8 tile types to choose from. The rules are those of Shanghai Solitaire, an...

All-in-One Mahjong 2

All-in-One Mahjong 2 is a sequel containing 48 layouts, 13 background images and 3 tile designs with excellent graphics.

Mahjong Mania

Mahjong Mania is classic timed Shanghai Solitaire game. Random layout generated each game. The goal is to clear the board of all tiles in 20 minute...

Mahjong Mix

Mahjong Mix is hard Shanghai Solitaire version. The challenge is to clear five levels of sets by matching two tiles with identical images. They can...

Celtic Mahjong

Celtic Mahjong is a single player tile matching game. The objective is to find and remove two objects with identical symbols displayed on them unti...

Shanghai Dynasty

Shanghai Dynasty is classic Shanghai Solitaire game. The tiles are arranged in turtle formation. Bonus easy version for kids.

3D Mahjongg

3D Mahjongg is a 3D wanna-be version of Shanghai Solitaire game. Good news, there are 25 layouts to choose from plus an editor to create your own l...

Original Mahjong Games

American Mahjong

In American Mahjong you get to play against three US politicians: Hillary, Obama, and Bush.

Mah Jong 2

Mah Jong 2 challenge you to play against three beautiful girls - Victoria, Cindy and Kristina.

Genuine Beijing Mahjong

Genuine Beijing Mahjong goal is to create combinations of tiles by matching identical ones or by arranging the tiles in numerical order to beat the...

Hubbo Mahjong Hong Kong

The goal in Hubbo Mahjong Hong Kong is to create various combinations of tiles in order to beat the opponents. If you don't know how to play, the r...

Kung Fu Classic Mahjong

In Kung Fu Classic Mahjong you'll get to test your skills against Miss Parrot, Mr. Chimpanzee (actually a gorilla), and Mr. Dog. If you don't know ...

Hongkong Mahjong

Hongkong Mahjong is a game with very good design, in-game tutorial with full explanation on how to play Mahjong, and challenging AI players tauntin...

Zip Bear Town Mahjong

Zip Bear Town Mahjong is a simplified version. The goal is to at least create a meld of 3 identical tiles known as Pong or Pung. In addition you ca...

Connect Two Games

Animals Connect 3

The series continues with Animals Connect 3. Connect cute animals - the identical ones. Finish each level in 5 minutes to go to the next. As always...

Dream Beauty Link 2

Dream Beauty Link tile matching marathon continues with Dream Beauty Link 2 HTML5 version. Connect two identical items to clear the pile of tiles.

Animals Connect 2

Animals Connect 2 is a sequel with even better graphics, background music and tile design. Connect two animal tiles that have free path between the...

Super Mario Connect

Super Mario Connect is a game designed for Super Mario lovers. Connect 2 identical Super Mario items that are not more than 3 straight lines away f...

Dream Love Link

Dream Love Link is tile matching game for kids. Choose adventure or arcade mode and create a pair of identical images to remove them from the gamin...

Bug Connect

In Bug Connect you'll get to connect two identical bugs to remove them from the board. Items can only be not more than three straight lines away fr...

Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect is made back in the days when Pentium I was a groundbreaking technology, this Connect Two game still manages to keep the attention ...

Unique Tile Games

Colorjong Mahjong

Colorjong is a 3D Mahjong version with eye-popping colors and 10 levels of piled up cubes to match. Do not try to match the blank cubes, they are t...

Mahjong in the Garden

In Mahjong in the Garden your task is to remove all items that are identical and have at least 2 adjacent sides open. Each level is more difficult ...

Mahjong Christmas Puzzles

Enjoy this Christmas themed Mahjong puzzle with 12 different layouts, fine graphics and a challenge to match two same Christmas items that have one...

Mahjong Rain of Tiles

Mahjong Rain of Tiles is quite unique tile-matching game. The challenge is to make the requested number of combinations of two identical tiles, or ...

Diamonds Mathjong

With tiles arranged in diamonds formation, Diamonds Mathjong challenge you to apply math skills by matching tiles and creating correct equations.

Chinese Fan Mathjong

Chinese Fan Mathjong is another mix between Math and Mahjong to practice you math skills the fun way.

Basic Mathjong

As the name suggests, Basic Mathjong is a combination of math operations and Mahjong. The object is to select free tiles in correct order to create...


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