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Mahjong is a popular game that began in China, is normally played by four players (with around three-player varieties found in Japan and Korea). The game and its provincial variants are broadly played all around South Eastern and Eastern Asia, but it has little following and curiosity in Western nations. Like the Western card game known as rummy, Mahjong is a popular game of calculation, strategy and skill and includes a level of chance. All terms like Mah Jong, Majiang, Mah-Jongg, Majong, Mahjongg and so on, that you'll find across the web, have the same meaning and refer to the same game.

Closest to the genuine four-player table game is Original (Traditional) Chinese and Japanese Mahjong Games category, where the object is to get rid of all tiles in your hand before everyone else does, by creating combinations of identical ones, or tiles from the same suit arranged in numerical order. You can find the rules in almost every game you choose in this category, along with complete tutorials.

Most spread version and commonly mistaken for the genuine game is Shanghai Solitaire variation, also known as Mahjong Solitaire. The task is to match two identical tiles, or in some cases tiles of the same suit and remove them from the board. They can only be paired if they are not covered and have one left or right side free. Each game has unique design, background music and feel in general. Choose your favourite version, compete with other players, or just race against your self in besting your previous high score.

Another variation close to Shanghai is Connect Two Games category, commonly known as Mahjong Connect. The goal is to connect two identical tiles that are not more than three uninterrupted straight lines away from each other. It seems that players and developers favour this version right after Shanghai, maybe because of the simple one layer layout, or because of the easy rules - we don't know. Anyhow, you will certainly relax and enjoy this collection.

Each game in Unique Tile Games category has unique set of rules like creating combination of three or more identical tiles, Sliders, 3D Mahjong versions and more. In some games the matching rules are to pair two identical tiles that are not covered and have one horizontal and one vertical side free. This is where developers are free to invent new rules, twist old ones, or combine multiple rules in one game.


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