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Play Free Mahjong Solitaire Games Online - No Download Required


Most Played Games

Classical Mahjong is a matching game played with tiles on a board by up to four people. Online gaming variations include some of the original rules like matching tiles and removing the board by pairing tiles.

To differ the online single player variation from the classical game, developers named it Mahjong Solitaire, or simply, Mahjongg. It’s not the same game, though.

In the single-player game you can match tiles that look the same, except Flowers Tiles and Season Tiles, which should be paired with one of the same suit, with a final goal to remove the board of all tiles.

For your convenience we divided the games in four categories depending on the rules.

Shanghai Solitaire Games

Epic Mahjong Battles
HTML5 Mahjong by Justas
All-in-One Mahjong 2
Mahjong Mania
Mahjong Mix
Celtic Mahjong
Shanghai Dynasty
3D Mahjongg
Zodiac Cancer Mahjong
Mahjong by
Stress Reducing Mah Jongg
Mahjong Ace
Chinese Zodiac Mahjong

Original Mahjong Games

American Mahjong
Mah Jong 2
Genuine Beijing Mahjong
Hubbo Mahjong Hong Kong
Kung Fu Classic Mahjong
Hongkong Mahjong
Zip Bear Town Mahjong
Energy Mahjong
Mah Jong Beauty
Wordjong Freestyle
Japanese Mahjong

Connect Two Games

Animals Connect 3
Dream Beauty Link 2
Animals Connect 2
Super Mario Connect
Dream Love Link
Bug Connect
Mahjong Connect
Mah Jong Deluxe
Rome Matrix
Animals Connect
Take Two
Dog Mahjong 2
Mahjong Connect 2
Mah-Jong Connect

Unique Tile Games

Restaurant Mahjong
Colorjong Mahjong
Mahjong in the Garden
Mahjong Christmas Puzzles
Mahjong Rain of Tiles
Diamonds Mathjong
Chinese Fan Mathjong
Basic Mathjong
Time Cubes
Chalk Period Mahjong
Melody Mahjong
Jake's Dragon Tile Combo
Jolly Jong 2.5
Chemical Mahjongg





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