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Mahjong by Mizerov

Mahjong by Mizerov

Mahjong by Mizerov is one of the hardest and most played Mah Jongg Solitaire games on the web, created by Mizerov. The familiarity of the tile design, the possibility of unsolvable layout and the lack of undo option makes this version irresistible for Shanghai Solitaire players. Only thing missing is a timer set to two minutes to make this game impossible. Tiles are arranged in classic turtle formation, a 5 layer pyramid style layout, with an objective to pair two identical tiles at a time. Only the flowers and the season tiles can be matched with a tile from the same suit. Stones that can be paired are the ones that are not covered and have one left or right side free. The best way to start decomposing the pile is to first remove the top three layers, then simultaneously clear the tiles from the sides. Of course you can always make the wrong move and not unblock a crucial piece needed for further combinations, so you'll need to be watchful and plan couple of moves forward. It's said that Mahjong Solitaire games boost your observational and cognitive skills as well as planning skills and logical thinking. This time around Mizerov managed to create a game for all ages, not-so time consuming and at the same time beneficial.

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