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Unique Tile Games

10 Mahjong

Create a pair of pieces from the same suit that add to 10 in order to remove them. Only the ones that have left or right side free can be removed.

3D Mahjong

Pair identical cubes that have at least 3 free neighboring sides to remove them from the object.

Ancient Persia Mahjong

A tile matching game with Persian symbols as images. 20 levels of tile sets to clear.

Antique Treasures

Travel from island to island to find antique treasures. Complete each level to advance to the next one by matching two identical items that are not...

Basic Mathjong

As the name suggests, Basic Mathjong is a combination of math operations and Mahjong. The object is to select free tiles in correct order to create...

Big Ben Mahjong

Solve all 20 levels by successfully matching the identical images. Objects can only be removed if there is one free side vertically and one horizon...

Black and White Mahjong

A game with unique concept, timed to 20 minutes. Pair one black and one white stone with identical symbol displayed on them. The flowers and the se...

Chalk Period Mahjong

Tile game with images of the chalk period. Clear the screen by matching two identical images.

Chemical Mahjongg

Tile game with unique rules. The goal is to combine two substances that have same properties, soluble or insoluble in water, depending on the game ...

Chinese Fan Mathjong

Chinese Fan Mathjong is another mix between Math and Mahjong to practice you math skills the fun way.

Colorjong Mahjong

Colorjong is a 3D Mahjong version with eye-popping colors and 10 levels of piled up cubes to match. Do not try to match the blank cubes, they are t...

Crystal Hexajong

Instead of standard square tiles, in Crystal Hexajong you need to match and remove two identical hexagonal tiles that have at least 3 neighboring s...

Crystal Hexajong 2

The hexagonal tile matching marathon continues with Crystal Hexajong 2. Match two hexagonal tiles that have at least 3 neighboring sides free.

Cute Pets Mahjong

Tile matching game created for pet lovers. Create a pair of cute pet same images to remove them from the screen and advance to the subsequent level...

Diamonds Mathjong

With tiles arranged in diamonds formation, Diamonds Mathjong challenge you to apply math skills by matching tiles and creating correct equations.

Dinosaur Hexajong

The theme in Dinosaur Hexajong are the dinosaurs. The objective is to match two tiles with identical images that are free, meaning they must have o...

Discover Japan

Discover Japan while playing this versatile all-in-one game. From Shanghai through Shanghai variations to spot the difference type of game. This ga...

Dragon Dices Solitaire

Dragon Dices Solitaire is a bit different Tile game. Play campaign or duel against the AI.

Dragon Mahjong

Combine the symbols from the board with the ones that are on the passing dragon.

Fairy Triple Mahjong

Park three identical tiles on the top of the screen to remove them from the board. Only the free tiles that are not covered and have one left or ri...

Floating Mahjong

Create a combination of two or four identical images by dragging the floating ones to the boxes on the bottom of the screen.

Hexajong Tower

Hexajong Tower aim is to remove two hexagonal tiles at a time with identical color and three contiguous sides free to complete a level and advance ...

Indian Mahjong

20 levels of tile-sets with Indian symbols and images. Clear each level in order to advance to the next one. Create a pair of identical tiles that ...

Indian Mysteries Mahjong

Unlock the Indian mysteries by sliding a tile in a desired direction so it matches one or more with identical symbol.

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