Shanghai Solitaire Games

3D Mahjongg

3D Mahjongg is a 3D wanna-be version of Shanghai Solitaire game. Good news, there are 25 layouts to choose from plus an editor to create your own l...

(Played: 3 407)

Adamo Mahjongg

Adamo Mahjongg is a classic Shanghai Solitaire game with five layouts to choose from: Dream, Towers, Cloud, Red Dragon, and Ninja. Every layout is ...

(Played: 6 825)

Aerial Mahjong

Take a balloon tour with Aerial Mahjong. If you don't know how to play classic Shanghai Solitaire games you should first finish the tutorial. The g...

(Played: 1 086)

All-in-One Mahjong

All-in-One Mahjong is a tile matching game with great design, 30 layouts, and music from 6 radio stations to choose from while playing the game: Ch...

(Played: 3 228)

All-in-One Mahjong 2

All-in-One Mahjong 2 is a sequel containing 48 layouts, 13 background images and 3 tile designs with excellent graphics.

(Played: 4 419)

Ancient Mahjong Deluxe

Ancient Mahjong Deluxe is a classic Shanghai Solitaire with relaxing background music and 3 difficulty levels with smooth tile design. If you choos...

(Played: 2 261)

Ancient Odyssey Mahjong

In Ancient Odyssey Mahjong you get to travel around China and unlock the next level by finishing the current one. This is classic Shanghai Solitair...

(Played: 1 251)

Ancient World Mahjong 2 - Egypt

Ancient World Mahjong 2 - Egypt is a classic Shanghai Solitaire game with six Egypt style layouts to choose from: Pyramid, Scarab, Mummy, Sun, Ship...

(Played: 2 282)

Arkadium Mah Jongg Solitaire

The guys from Arkadium have never failed in creating good games like this version of Mah Jongg Solitaire - fast, simple and exciting. In Arkadium ...

(Played: 11 034)

Beijing Mahjong

Beijing Mahjong is a classic Shanghai Solitaire game in which you can shuffle the tiles during the game without losing your progress. The game is t...

(Played: 917)

Cartoon Mahjong

Cartoon Mahjong is a tile matching game for kids with images of cartoon characters. Tiles are arranged in turtle-style layout with a goal to click ...

(Played: 2 938)

Celtic Mahjong

Celtic Mahjong is a single player tile matching game. The objective is to find and remove two objects with identical symbols displayed on them unti...

(Played: 5 308)

Chinese Zodiac Mahjong

Chinese Zodiac Mahjong is great Shanghai Solitaire game with great graphics and design. Choose one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs or play "defy the...

(Played: 3 024)

Classic Style Mahjong

Classic Style Mahjong is a classic style Shanghai Solitaire game in which the object is to combine two identical tiles that are not covered with ot...

(Played: 1 515)

Dark Time Mahjong

Dark Time Mahjong is a classic Shanghai Solitaire game with additional features. The object is to match two identical tiles that are not covered an...

(Played: 394)

Discover Egypt

Travel from the Great Pyramid of Giza through Karnak and Abu Simbel Temple to Discover Egypt by matching tiles one level at a time.

(Played: 671)

Double Mahjong Solitaire

With simple green background, classic turtle tile formation, and good tile design, Double Mahjong Solitaire is a relaxing tile matching game. Use h...

(Played: 525)

Elite Mahjong

Elite Mahjong is classic Shanghai Solitaire game with three levels to clear. Random set generated each time. Each level is timed to 8 minutes. The ...

(Played: 680)

Free Santa Mahjongg

Free Santa Mahjongg aim is to match two tiles with identical Christmas images that are not covered and have no other tiles on the left or the right...

(Played: 415)

Game Team Mahjong

In Game Team Mahjong there are 2 game modes: classic and time attack (5:45 min to clear the board). 128 layouts available. Pair identical blocks th...

(Played: 405)

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